Monday, 12 November 2012

It's all about remembering and giving thanks this month, so I thought I'd add this image of a poppy with a bee, I took this photo on a visit to RHS Hyde Hall way back in 2011.

This image of a WW1 cemetery and was taken in Belgium in December 2010 you can read more about this trip here

We've had a lovely family celebration since my last post my Uncle Alf was 90 years old and he invited the family to join him for Sunday lunch you can see more on Super Gran's blog.

Now for an update on my leg/knee saga, first thank you for your comments on my previous few posts. On Saturday I went to see the Doctor and get the results of the blood test and MRI, it appears that there is a constriction in a section of my spinal cord. The nerves that serve my lower leg and knee are affected by this.  There is good news the lower part of my leg is no longer numb, the Doctor thinks that with conservative care my knee should improve greatly too, I start physiotherapy next week. And no surprises I need to loose weight...... oh dear just when I'm getting a new cooker and a new kitchen I had such plans for some domestic goddessing!!!!!! I'll have to give it a go but with everything low or no fat....

Amanda thanks for your comments and yes it is scary isn't it.  I hope you are feeling a lot better. The choice was mine to do all the design work again for the City and Guild, apparently you don't have to repeat it if you've already completed the certificate in a certain time scale. It might be worth looking into if you really want to do it.

This weeks a full week, Tuesday Material Girls monthly meeting, Wednesday C&G we are visiting the William Morris Gallery. I've been there once before years ago, it's recently been refurbished and has a new cafe, I was going to say there will be cake, but there wont be any for me........ Thursday and Friday the floor in the kitchen is going to be tiled. Oh I wish I could go away for a week or so and come back when it's over. I know Betsy is going to hate all the disruption. It all seemed such a good idea at the time......


  1. Some great photos! Hope you enjoy your C&G trip. I saw my sister in law last week who is doing machine embroidery with Annette Morgan. She has done some interesting work, with great results.

  2. Really pleased your leg is improving.
    Your kitchen IS going to look great when it's finished, just hold that thought!!

  3. Take care of the knee and have fun with the kitchen!!