Saturday, 3 November 2012

Climbing a Cliff to Jools

Since my last post things have moved on a little with my leg/knee I've seen a Neurologist, he thinks that there could be some nerve damage in my back.  Quite rightly he wouldn't give a definite diagnosis until I'd had a MRI and a blood test, so this week has been taken up travelling back and forth to the hospital. I've an appointment to see him on the 10th November, I'll know what's going on then hopefully he'll have the results of the scan etc. In the meantime my leg is no better or worse, I have difficulty climbing steps and stairs, walking Betsy is a challenge, but we are managing.

Sometime ago I bought tickets for Dave and I to go to a  Jools Holland concert at The Cliff's Pavilion, Southend on Sea.  So Wednesday evening we set off, unfortunately parking was full close to the theatre, the name of the venue gives it away 'CLIFF'!  Walking up the many steps to the venue was very slow, oh soooo slooow....... But  well worth the effort, when I booked the tickets Marc Almond was the guest performer but on the night it was Roland Gift ( Fine Young Cannibals), I have to say I wasn't disappointed , the other guest was  Ruby Turner. We both really enjoyed the night and we'll be going to see Jools Holland again, I can recommend it.

Last week was my first C&G class, a bit of a surprise we were dying fabric, I'd had problems with my email and hadn't received the information. You've guessed it, I turned up wearing a  NEW white t shirt, with no fabric to dye in fact no equipment at all. I was so glad I wasn't the only one not to bring the right equipment, what a lovely group of ladies they rallied round and soon Ann and I both had aprons buckets and fabric to dye. I think I'm going to enjoy this class! Below are the three pieces of dyed fabrics not a great image the colours are much nicer than this in the flesh, but bad light etc....... or maybe it's the photographer?

In a week or so I'm joining with another couple of textile artist and taking a stall at a craft sale, pop in if your passing!


  1. Jools Holland also has concerts at the Brentwwod Centre, that might be easier for you. Love the dyed fabric.

  2. Glad you enjoyed Jools Holland and really pleased your course is going well.

  3. Good luck with the results this week. Love JH! Very varied and has everyone up and having dance!

    I'm following your C&G exploits. I am sort of looking into doing another one, maybe. What scares me it having to repeat all the basics yet again, and I think your course is proving me right. It's a shame you can't skip that part.

  4. Lucky you seeing Jools. Hope results on 11th are good. Your class looks fun, yummy colours.

  5. our cats called Jools named after JH by my sons who said he had charisma and thats why. I didn't know you were doing City and Guilds. Is it in one aspect of embroidery or something different? Good luck with your poor least it wasn't a stroke.
    Hope you do well at the craft fair too.