Tuesday, 1 January 2013


Christmas is over, our Birthdays are all done and dusted for another year!

Dave and I decided to resume  our traditional New Years Day trip  to London for a stroll and lunch, we didn't do it last year because Betsy was so tiny we didn't want to leave her. We usually visit the Southbank but this year we decided to visit St Katherine's Dock, I'm ashamed to say that although I worked for  years only a few minutes walk from there it's an area that I visited for the first time this summer when  friends moored their boat there for the Jubilee celebrations. As today was a bank holiday there was no parking fee and we parked the car easily.  We had a lovely meal in Ping Pong and then strolled around for a while in the bright sunshine, not to get over the large amount of dim sum or other irresistible Chinese delights that we just couldn't leave ( note to self don't over order next time)
When we got home we took down and boxed up the Christmas Decorations and they are all back in the loft. Dave returns to work tomorrow and Rachel went home on Sunday after a joint birthday celebration lunch with Becky and Becky's family. So now the house is quiet and tidy  ready for me to get on with the sewing projects that I need to get finished or started and the City and Guilds work that I have let slip.... No! not good - but my excuse is I missed the last meeting, I was unwell  and when Rachel comes home she sleeps in my sewing room, that makes it hard to get on with things. Yes, I'm making excuses........ But no distractions now.

Not sure if there will be any images with this post, I had a new iphone for my birthday and our Macbook is so out dated that it's not compatible with the phone, and so it goes...... Anyway we now need to buy a new laptop so until then I'll try and add images via my iphone, I took pictures on that today, knew I should have taken my camera with me today.

In the meantime I wish you all a Happy Healthy and Creative 2013!

St Katherine's Dock
Update I couldn't get the images uploaded, but as a post need images I'll add some images from previous London Visits.


  1. Sshhh I won't tell Chris if you won't that we've not been working!!! Himself has installed Windows 8 on our machine and now I can't get it to do things I want, sigh. Technology hey!

  2. Happy New Year Miriam, really glad you enjoyed your walk.
    Looking forward to seeing all your new projects for 2013!

  3. Happy New Year, Let's hope we both have a healthy,happy and creative year.

  4. Happy new year Miriam, sounds like you had a nice break which always does everyone good and now you can resume your C&G with renewed vigor. Wishing you all the best for a great 2013 and more blog chatting. x

  5. Happy New Year! Here's to a crafting 2013 x