Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Bad Hair Do!!!!!!!!!!

It's been a hectic few weeks, not bad hectic, good hectic! I spent a week at Janice Gunner's Summer School so I've lots and lots of lovely Indigo Dyed fabrics. She was very inspiring and I came away very enthusiastic about getting back to my roots as they say and doing more quilting. As I've mentioned quilting, the quilt is progressing very well, not finished as it needs to be wider so I ordered more fabric which arrived on Monday and by a happy chance fits the colour scheme brilliantly!
Monday there was a get together at my house of a group of very lovely ladies, women, also they are all very talented ( I'm saying this as they found out about my blog and said that they will start reading it, so I thought s*d it, I'll have to start blogging more now) especially after D who new my secret said you don't actually blog often. Anyway back to Monday we met here and we are going to start a new textile group together and we are 'Aqua-8 Textile Group'. Why call ourselves that well we all live a short distance from water of some description or other, I live very close to the River Thames others are close Reservoirs or Rivers so watch this space!
Now the bad hair saga, my hairdresser is on maternity leave, so today's the first cut with her replacement, I arrive full of fear, last time she left me to someone else's scissors it wasn't that great. I ask for Gilly "she's left" I'm told, youv'e got Sara, I should have run for the hills then but I needed a cut. My hair is washed then she asks how I have it cut, I tell her, she cuts it OK, but dries it in the most bazaar way! I end up looking like Donald Trump, with a comb over from the back which is difficult as my hair is very short, I actually described how I wanted it as a bit spiked and messy. I'm so shocked when she asks "is it OK", I nod get charged £27.00 for the privilege of coming home and sticking my head under the tap. I had planned to go and do some shopping, but no I'm sitting here ranting again! I did warn you on Monday that I rant! When Sara asked how long I usually have between appointments I lied and said "8 weeks" that got her! its usually 6, but I thought it might take a while for me to get over the shock, or at least find another hair dresser!
Still I'm sure I'll be fully recovered by the time I get to Belstead House on Friday, I'm attending an Embroiderers Guild Summer School with Annette Morgan, I cant wait.


  1. I sympathise about your hair... last time I went my usual girl was off sick and I really didn't have time to rearrange the appoinment. I ended up with an awful cut. I think it really matters when your hair is short.

  2. It took me years to find a good hairdresser, and I won't let him go now. Mind you he isn't cheap, but I'm worth it ;-). Congratulations on your new group. Are you already planning an exhibition or is it too soon yet? What is your first project?