Monday, 31 August 2009


Saturday we spent with my mum, we took her to one of her favourite places a garden centre. We decided to go to one that she wouldn't drive to herself, she really liked a hydrangea plant, it's her birthday next weekend and as we were struggling with what to buy her we snapped it up, and got it for her as part of her present. Then it as off to a farmers market, we arrived a bit late and had just enough time to buy some olives which went really well with our supper on Saturday and some of Dave’s favourite bacon, which is still in the fridge! I had a quick look around the craft centre then paid a visit to craft arena and bought a back issue of Quilting Arts, then went to the Magic Mushroom for a really lovely lunch. That’s why we later we only wanted a very light supper, feta cheese, olives and a few tomatoes picked from our greenhouse.
When we got up yesterday it was overcast so we decided to go to Columbia Road Market, just for a look! But you have to buy some plants of course! We struggled back to the car with a box of winter pansies, a couple of Elephant Garlic bulbs to plant in the veggie patch and four orchid plants for £10.00, bargain!!!
We then drove to Westminster, parked in our usual spot just off the embankment wont say where I don’t want everyone knowing about it! When we go again we may not find a space. Dave is always telling me about a small park that he walks through, Victoria Embankment Gardens, they are well worth a visit. We walked to Horse Guards Parade and there was a female on guard she's a member of the Kings Troop Royal Horse Artillery and very lovely she looked too!
From there we walked across the parade and past the back of Downing Street, past the Houses of Parliament across Westminster Bridge, we stopped at Yo Sushi for a quick snack then strolled along the South Bank to Waterloo Bridge.There was so much going on! Parties by the side of the River Thames, on the Beach? The tide was out. Salsas dancing at the Royal Festival Hall, even the trees were having fun. I love London. Then we were back at the car, a film crew were packing up their stuff, being nosey I asked what they'd been doing, a new Miss Marple was being filmed on location at the Savoy, something to look forward to.
I said to Dave we must come up here more often, he looked at me strangely, ' I do every day of the week' he said. It’s not the same for me any more, I don’t have to travel to London in the rush hour. I think when you work in a place every day it looses it’s magic!


  1. I love London too! Love those trees.

  2. I always enjoy London when I get there, but I dont do that very often. I was hoping to go to the V & A museum this summer and just never made it.