Thursday, 20 August 2009

One Down

I'm making progress, the wall hanging that I started on Sunday in Annette's  class is finished! It's really bright and colourful, not quite my usual thing but I like it, not sure where it's going to hang yet, possible on the stairs.

Today I've also started to finish off the pieces for the ERTF Exhibition, that will all be finished by tomorrow. Then I'll carry on with the piece I started at the Janice Gunner workshop, I should have that done by next week. Even if I had the large quilt ready to stitch, the weathers to warm, I've spent summers before hot and bothered under a quilt, so this one I'm taking my time with. Meanwhile I'm still knitting socks, I love my socks!

Sharne dying with berries sounds really different, I may give that a go. I know I've been really lucky this summer, that's why I'm determined to get everything I've started finished!

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