Monday, 17 August 2009

Summer School

I've had a lovely weekend with the Embroiderers Guild Eastern Region Summer School at Belstead House Ipswich. I was in Annette Morgan's group, there were 2 other groups tutored by James Hunting and Linda Westerman, everyone had a wonderful time and it was lovely to spend a weekend with friends and new friends. All three groups got together at meals and chatted about what was going on in their groups, we also had a wander into the other classes and the tutors were more than happy to talk about the work that was going on in their groups. It's always a shame when these events come to an end, but it's nice to get home again and sleep in my own bed!
Plus when I got home Rachel was here, she'd decided that as it was a lovely day she'd get out of London for the afternoon and she'd packed an overnight bag so she stayed the night, I really like it when the family come back for a visit. But I think Rachel probably thought her Dad was lonely spending a weekend on his own, despite the fact that he'd gone out for dinner and drinks with James on Friday night and by all accounts they'd had a great time. I'm glad about that as I'm planning to have more of these weekends!
I've now got lots of dy
ed fabrics and two projects to finish one from this weekend and one from Janice Gunners workshop also I've still got the quilt to finish for our bed so if I'm quiet for a while don't worry I'm busy!
In the meantime here is a selection of images from Annette's class, I'll mention all the class as I don't want to put up an image without crediting the maker. Jan Whiting, Pat Birks, Julie Chellingsworth, Sheila Frankland, Jean Clarke, Kathleen Elson and Hilda Goddard.
I don't quite understand why but I couldn't get every ones image to upload in one go. So take a look at Summer School II


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