Monday, 14 June 2010

Good Plan

Mum's funeral was last Tuesday,are funeral's ever nice events? NO. Music was played readings where read, prayers where said and she was gone, not forgotten. The service at the crematorium was sad, it was taken by the vicar that exactly a year before had taken Mum's eldest sisters funeral and the year before that my cousin's husbands. Mum chose him, she chose the music too, all except the last piece which I chose Mrs Darcy's theme by the Royal Philharmonic orchestra a piece from Pride and Prejudice. My brother and sister in law chose a poem, a very sad day. There were about 100 people there, family and friends, Mum's neighbours. Then it was on for the wake, it was nice to be able to meet up and to say thank you to everyone that had been so supportive to Mum and us during her illness. Bloody cancer! Will there ever be a cure found so it can be wiped from this earth? No one deserves it do they? Sorry just venting here.

(these are the flowers that I ordered from a florist to go onto food table at the wake, then forgot to tell the venue where they were to go. As we were leaving a lovely lady came rushing out saying don't forget the flowers. We all looked at each other and said I don't remember seeing them on the table. The venue thought we were going to present them to someone and kept them in the office, still they look nice in my fire place, Mum would have thought it was funny.And you cant think of everything.)

In the evening my family, my brothers family and my sister in laws parents,(they had flown over from Spain where they live,to be with us) went out for a meal. We went to Mum's favorite restaurant, my brother made a toast to Mum at the start and as Mum loved her pudding everyone had to have one at the end, even if they where stuffed. It was such a brilliant idea to all be together, just us, 14 in all. As my brother said about the wake and the evening there was one person missing and she would have loved it everyone being together MUM!!!

I said to Dave that for 28 years I came from a one parent family and now I'm an orphan, he pointed out you don't get many 50something orphans!!!

Life is starting to get into a routine, I'm sorting everything out as soon I can. I realise that things take time, we have Mum's house to sort and then sell, but I'm not on my own.

Friday I dyed some fabrics so this week I plan to get work done. Lots of ideas, hooray!
Saturday I went to ERTF committee meeting lots going on there.Dave went with Rachel to some event about new homes in East London, she's doing something very grown up, buying an apartment! But she will have to move home for a while as her lease runs out soon and her friend is moving in with her boyfriend, Rachel's not at that stage yet.
Sunday we meet Super Gran and other half for lunch, we all ate to much.
Today I met my brother for lunch and a chat about various things, it's all food at the moment!
I'm meeting a friend at the end of the week for lunch, I feel as though I have lots to catch up on.

Talking about catching up, the garden has been very neglected this year and the foxgloves have taken over, I counted over 40 separate plants. I do love them but 40 is to many in a small garden, the colours vary from white to very pale lilac's, it's to late to dig them up now! The plan is to mark the plants to keep and when they finish flowering get rid of the unwanted ones.Good plan will it work, never I'm not that organised but I'd like to be.


  1. I don't know what to say but you have my deepest sympathy. Vent has to be done.

  2. You could pull up all of the foxgloves, more will still appear next year!

  3. It's not the foxgloves you need to worry about.
    What about your carrots, have you put them in yet?
    If not the poor little seeds could be fighting their way out of the packet by now!

  4. It wss good to see you at the ERTF meeting, sounds like you have lots of good plans, well done.

    Jenny Leslie