Friday, 4 June 2010


First of all I'd like to say thank you for all of your lovely comments. I think that in strange way it's helped me by blogging about what my family having been going through over the last few months, sorry if it's been depressing! There would be nothing gained by writing about Mum's last few days, except to say that any doubts that I had had about Mum going into a nursing home vanished into thin air, she couldn't have received better care anywhere else. There is a regret though the lunch with her friends had to be canceled, it should have been arranged a few weeks earlier.
An older cousin of mine phoned me to say how sorry she was about my Mum and that she thought my Mum was always great fun.She remembered Mum taking down the washing line to show us all how to skip, and how we always had lovely Christmas together at my house. There would have probably been about a dozen children and often some would sleep over so we would top and tail in the beds! I didn't remember the skipping but I do remember my cousin bringing her friends to my house and my Mum making face packs for them and I thought it was so 'cool' to have these older girls at my house, with their 'Dusty Springfield' hair and make up! Odd the things that stay in your memory.
A blog isn't quite right without a photo, and so another memory, my family were all for days out when I was young, picnics at Hatfield Forrest with games of rounders or trips to the coast. One trip to the coast ended up as a big disaster for me, but at least I had clothes on at the end!!! Super Gran, my brother and I were on the boating lake at Southwold, for some reason we kept changing boats from peddle boats to canoes and then back again(not sure where our parents were at this point). While swapping Super Gran started to do the splits with one leg on the shore and one in a boat, thought I'd save the day and stood up in my canoe which promptly overturned, the lake wasn't deep and I stood up covered in green slime,yuuk! I was fully dressed, I ended up wearing Super Grans clothes and she wore her swimming costume all day, good job she loves me? In 2005 we went on a trip down memory lane to Southwold, the lake wasn't as big as I remembered, but I wouldn't take a boat out, you just never know. As you can see from this photo Southwold and I don't get on this is a photo of Mum, Rachel and Me!!!!!

And of course the obligatory 'beach huts'


  1. Lovely memories and they are the ones you will keep with you Miriam. And although some of your posts have been sad they've never been depressing.

  2. What a lovely memory... mud packs and Dusty Spring field hair... ,such treasures we tuck away in that special place to be brought out now and then ,I love Southwold hee hee Jan xx

  3. It was THAT green slime that got tangled in our peddle boats, it made our boats top heavy on one side and we didn't like being wonky!
    I've never been the same since I did the splits but perhaps it was that day that inspired me to become a lifeguard in my youth!
    As for the clothes, well it wasn't the first or last time my mother thought you needed my clothing more than me!
    Good job we do all love each other!
    I'm very proud that we share such a great family!

  4. Miriam, I lost track of you these past difficult weeks for you. I'm sorry to hear about your mother. This must be a time of sadness and healing for your family. My prayers are with you.

  5. Memories! It really is great to get together and go over ols stories. Love the one with Super Gran. Thinking of you all. X