Monday, 25 October 2010


Well we did get to a fabric shop, I was very restrained and only bought 3 pieces! Then we did get to do a small section of the Apache Trail

Pictures just don't do it justice! I love the cactus!
Today we made the drive to Flagstaff it's a lot colder here, we've gone from temperatures in the 80's to 50's. From here we will be able to visit the south rim of the canyon and also we plan to go to meteor crater.
Hope to blog again soon, getting free wifi isn't easy here!


  1. Only 3 pieces of fabric????? Not poorly I hope!

  2. bit restrained wasn't it? hope they were big pieces. Never mind I expect you'll find another shop en route. Only in the '50s' its in single figures here! make sure you put a jumper in your hand luggage for your flight home. Having a bit of a craft market nightmare here- you knew the right time to go on holiday!

  3. It sounds like you're having a fabulous holiday. I also love cactus and wide open spaces but have never had a holiday like yours. Sometimes you can have too much choice in fabric and it gets overwhelming, if your planning on getting more then good luck. And thanks for your comment I am so impressed you're keeping up with your blogging and comment making on holiday.

  4. Your holiday sounds wonderful. Looking at your photos and knowing you're following the indian trail I wonder - everytime you jump in the car do you shout out in unison " Wagons Roll!"?