Monday, 18 October 2010


Have you missed me? We are in Vegas. Having a great time, booked to see Barry Manilow he cancelled 20 minutes before he was due to come on. According to the Barry fans he often does this, I wouldn't bother again and defiantly won't be trying to book to see him at the O2! Then we were up at 5am this morning to go on a pink jeep trip to the west side of the grand canyon but that was cancelled due to flooding, there was rain here yesterday! Still we have managed to rebook the trip for tomorrow fingers crossed.
I don't usually blog whilst I'm away but I found this app, not tried to post pictures yet well you can't have everything! Moving on from here in the next few days to Phoenix so when I next find a Starbuck's I may post again.

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Location:Las Vegas

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