Thursday, 21 October 2010


We did get to the grand canyon west rim, we went on a pink bus tour. Words and pictures can't show the vastness of the canyon.

As you can see I didn't get close to the edge, you never know do you Dave could have been checking the insurance!!!!! We drove over the Hoover dam this was the last day you could do that, they have now opened a new bridge.
Yesterday we drove 300 or so miles to Phoenix, most of the way in a rain storm.
I've not found any textile shops yet but I know they are out there! We're staying in the art area so it's just a matter of time.

A picture of the new bridge from the hoover dam. Oh i can post this as we found a starbucks!
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  1. I am so jealous. What a bit of history, going over the Hoover Dam. You will have to go back so that you can go over the new bridge now.

  2. It looks very impressive Miriam. Can't wait for you to get back so you can tell me all about it for an hour, don't tell Dave, or two!!!