Thursday, 2 December 2010

Second Day- Advent Blog

As promised  photo's of my finished Jelly Roll lap quilt. Hooray!!!!!

If the weather carries on like this I'll certainly get the use out of it this winter.  The last time I remember it snowing like this at the beginning of December,  I was pregnant with James 1981. My Dad used to call in on me at some point every day while Dave was at work, as I couldn't get out. James was due on the 10th, Dave's birthday. I had a false alarm on the 15th, we had a dash to the maternity hospital,  I remember the date as my friend Ann was being checked in at the same time, she delivered a boy that day, I was sent home! James wasn't born until the 23rd, the snow stayed I think, into January. I hope it wont be the same this winter.

The roads in this part of the country are very bad, so I'm not going to venture out unless it's necessary. This morning I checked on an elderly neighbour, she has everything but will need milk, Dave is going to get that for her. He's braving the weather and had managed to travel into London every day, thankfully the trains are running on this line.

Jacqueline had fun yesterday with her two lovely little granddaughter's check out the pictures of their snowman, it had me laughing all morning. I think maybe I'm lacking company and maybe going slightly mad, hope the thaw comes soon or I may end up talking to myself........

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  1. Going to try and blog everyday, but will miss a few if we manage to get to Berlin on Saturday.

  2. I think we must live in the only part of the UK that's not really had snow. We had about half an inch on Tuesday which hasn't thawed because of the cold but nothing else!

  3. Your quilt is absolutely lovely those jelly rolls really are value for money ,and the choice is astounding Jan xx

  4. Would love to join in the Advent Blog but I am going away over Christmas and wont have access to the Internet.