Monday, 2 May 2011

Holiday -> Holiday

It's one holiday after another, Easter was spent doing the garden and spending time with family. Diane, I did succumb to the chocolate but not lots, I was very restrained. I did buy an ice cream maker, there's been experimenting with frozen yogurts and next I'm going to try sorbets. No images the frozen delights don't  last long enough!

Friday I spent much of the day watching THE WEDDING on the tv, there's nothing about the occasion that wasn't perfect. The dress was beautiful, the lace on the dress was beautiful, the music, the service I loved it all. The Duke of Cambridge doesn't scrub up bad either does he? I'm glad they stuck to the tradition started by his parents with the kiss on the balcony. LONDON did it's self proud and shone, Dave said that a week or so ago the streets around St James' were being steam cleaned. I think we all hope that they will have a long happy marriage.

The vegetable garden is coming along, the seeds I put in are coming up after a bit of a hiccup, the first lot of seeds were eaten or thrown all over the plot by the two wood pigeons that like our garden! But you learn by your mistakes and this time I covered the seeds with a net until they started to come up!

Some plants cleared, but before raised beds moved

Raised beds in position and planted

Now just water and wait
I've persuaded Dave to invest in a watering system, last year he tried running a system from the water butts but it drained the system so quickly that it was next to useless. Water is precious so we'll use the rain water for watering by watering can, hopefully this system will use less water. Here are some images of established plants in the garden that are growing well, despite the slugs eating the pink lily of valley's leaves!

As for my creative work, I've sewn together the baby quilts that I think I've mentioned before, I've almost finished hand quilting one of them, images when it's completed. I've also decided a few things over the last couple of weeks,  I'm not going to continue going to the  quilting group that I returned to last September. The group meets in the evening, it's the group that I used to attend before I did my City and Guilds, although they are a lovely group of ladies and I'll miss them, the evening they meet on is always difficult for me, so it's time to leave. Work for the ERTF Concepts and Meanings should be put in for selection in the next few months, I've decided not to put anything forward. The reason for this is, if we are getting a puppy in September, it coincideds with the Exhibition and it wouldn't be fair to leave  a young dog alone. If I was lucky enough to get my work accepted I would need to steward the exhibition and this would involve staying away for one or two nights, Dave would be at work all day,  sometimes things have to give. This means I'll have more time to concentrate on other projects that are being planned.

This Air Ship has been flying over our house for the last month, it is flying from a small airstrip about 1 mile from here. Apparently there have been photographs taken from it in the national newspapers, views of London. Becky says she's seen it as far down the River Thames as Tilbury. Personally I think it's checking on the changes being made on my 'estate', so look out in the gardening magazines and publications for updates on my gardens progress! It does fly quite low, and it's not a quiet as you might think.


  1. Hello. I hope the puppy appreciates your sacrifices, and that you survived without chocolate. I just couldn't do it. Thanks for linking to my blog.

  2. Rachel or Carol (Gardeners World) may pay you a visit! A wise decision re over loading yourself, with a puppy on the horizon ask Nickie!

  3. Gardening spies I reckon!
    Hope your hard work in the garden rewards you with loads of lovely veggies!

  4. My seeds seem to be a bit hit and miss this year, as long as I get lots of runner beans. My brother used a watering system last year for his plants and it was very successful.
    Glad to see that you are not over stretching yourself. Is your back better now?

  5. your garden looks lovely Miriam...and your name is in the hat!!