Monday, 16 May 2011

Kiss it Goodbye?

The watering system for the garden seems to have worked well while we were away, a cucumber plant has suffered,but that's all.It's probably because they were put out a bit early.This weekend we had a salad that included lettuce and radishes from the garden. Some of the flowers suffered a bit but a few evenings of watering and they have recovered.


Princess Diana Rose

In March I  was really pleased to have two pieces of work in the Jersey Textile Showcase, one in an exhibit with The Textile Group that I belong to Material Girls and one with a group of Textile Artist from various parts of the country. The work was returned from the Material Girls and we'll be using it in another exhibition later in the year. I was hoping that I'd also be able to make use of the other piece of work, BUT I've emailed, spoken to the person that organised the exhibit face to face at a textile conference, she assured me it would be posted to me, another member of her group has my piece, after a few weeks STILL nothing! I emailed still nothing then sent a text message so now after two weeks no reply to that either! Is it me am I too trusting, this is a person that I thought I new. I think I'll have to mark it down to experience and this piece of work is lost, I'll never trust this person again. I feel completely let down and betrayed, if she would just reply to my emails or text, in my opinion it's bad manners not to let me know whats happened to MY work! This is the work that I've kissed goodbye!

In previous posts I've mentioned how my back has been giving me a lot of pain for 10 weeks! The day before we went away it started to really hurt again and I went to the workshop in awful pain, but thought if I couldn't attend that how could I fly on a plane for 4 hours. When I got up the next day it was so much better, during the holiday it seemed to improve, but since I've been home it has been getting worse. Today I bit the bullet and phoned for an appointment at a Physiotherapist, I went this afternoon and apparently it's nothing serious but does need sorting out. At the moment it feels quite painful which is normal..... he thinks I'll need about 3 or 4 sessions, it would have been better if the GP had referred me 8 weeks ago when I asked if I needed a Physio, I even said that I would pay! Oh well, things are looking up, apparently I should go back to the gym, so next week....
If you happened to be in Topman Oxford Circus, London on Saturday you would have heard my son and band member Andrew, they were guest DJ's for the afternoon, just thought I'd share that bit of information. Their band has released it's second album and they are played on BBC radio and even were played on Radio 2!


  1. Sad and happy times! I hope that someone reads your blog and feels very guilty! What sort of diagnosis is that from the Dr, that's ok to return to the gym!

  2. That's awful - I hope someone is feeling very guilty. I hope you see an improvement in your back soon Miriam.

  3. Hopefully they'll catch a glimpse of your blog and think oops!!!!
    Don't loose hope, I think it may well now turn up!

  4. How rotten to have lost that work. I would be furious. Maybe it will still turn up. Don't give up hope.

  5. Hello there, thankyou for looking at my blog. I am also a patchwork and quilter and have done a little machine embroidery and embellishing - there are not enough hours in the day!! I hope your work turns up, that's awful.

  6. how awful about your work, I would be inconsolable. You must keep pestering you really must. I hope your back gets better soon...ouch x

  7. oh and I meant to say...I believe in will come back to them.