Sunday, 22 May 2011

Out for Lunch!

It's been a really busy week lots of stitching trying to get the second baby quilt finished, photos when both are completed. Thursday evening I met Dave and Rachel in London and we went to Chris Spencer's Graduation show at a gallery in Shoreditch, a 'trendy' part of East London. The gallery was packed it was so hot, I didn't worry too much about looking at the work, I knew I'd be back the following day! The three of us then went to S&M (Spitalfield's) for dinner, it was lovely to see Rachel as I've not had a chance to catch up with her since Dave and I came back from our holiday.

By Christine Spencer
Friday it was back on the train to London, (I don't know how I did that every day) I met with the rest of the Material Girls and had a good look at all of  the work. Chris's work is lovely, but the light in the gallery didn't do it justice 'in my opinion'. As for the rest of the work, some I loved some, some I liked and one ? But that's what 'ART' is all about isn't it? Then it was out for lunch, back again to Spitalfield's with the Material Girls, Janette Bright, Lesley Turner (there are images of the show on Lesley's blog), Ingrid Lincoln the later two are from Articulation and two of Chris's co-graduates. We had a long and leisurely lunch, nice food and lots of chat. It was really lovely to meet Lesley as I've read her blog but it's nice to meet in person. Ingrid and Lesley will be graduating next year so I'm looking forward to visiting their show. The Material Girls and Articulation are joining together for an Exhibition 'Bridging Waters' in 2012 in London, the work will be traveling to Canada in 2013, really exciting!

Jill Material Girl-Janette, Lesley
Yesterday I attended a workshop in Chelmsford run by Lynda Monk, it's the second workshop of Lynda's I've attended. If I get a chance I'd attend a third, fourth........ 

Images of my work above, I have a book that's in the process of being finished too!
For more images see Sharne's blog . 

Did I get a chance to put my feet up today no! Out shopping, well a girl can never have enough shoes, lets hope these don't cause blisters!!!!!! I hope they don't I've two trips into London planned for this week!
 Oh yes! My back is so much better, going back for another session tomorrow. And the work still hasn't appeared and no reply. Thank you for your comments on that, it does help. I'll wait for the Karma!


  1. Nice to see you've been having so much fun! Lynda is amazing and soooo generous. See you on Tuesday.

  2. Ingrid and I so enjoyed meeting you all. We(Articulation) are looking forward to exhibiting with Material Girls

  3. I got to see the degree show today... like you say it was quite a mixed bag but Chris's work was lovely.

  4. Sounds like you had a really food time.
    Hope your new shoes fit you a treat!

  5. I really should read the comments before I post them.
    NOT FOOD, GOOD!!!!

  6. No Jacqueline you were right the first time! We really had food for a lot of the time...... it was a long lunch!

  7. I hope the shoes work for you. I had new shoes last time I was in London. Ouch!! Never again!!