Sunday, 15 May 2011

Holiday Holiday Part2

I've been away....... but the day before I left I attended a workshop at Lady Bugs it was Trapunto, Italian corded work, French cording and English Quilting with Sylvia Critcher. I made a Spring Flowers pin cushion it was almost completed by the time I left the class. It needed to be quilted the back sewn on and stuffed which I did today. I can never resist, I had the idea of taking a cushion to stitch on holiday so bought two kits, then the thought of the cream fabric, suntan lotion mix didn't seem such a good idea, so the kits stayed at home!

Now the holiday.... Dave and I have been to  Lanzarote for 7 days of laying by the pool of the villa we'd rented. This year we decided that we'd see a bit of the island unlike last year when we only left the villa  in the evening for a walk to the harbour for dinner. So we visited Timanfaya National Park a volcanic mountain, some wonderful formations made by the lava flow, we ate lunch in a restaurant where they cook on the heat provided by the volcano! On the way to the park there were camels giving rides to the tourists, no we didn't.... what with my back?

Volcanic Crater
Lava Flow
Lava Flow
On another day we took a ride out for lunch and sat at a beach side cafe and had Limpets (not something I'll eat again) I've told Dave that he's become very clingy ever since he ate them! The jokes wearing a bit thin now so that's the last time I'll use it. The baby sardines, canarian potatoes and mixed salad were much more to my taste.

Limpets with Green Mojo

Apart from that we sat by the pool reading books and soaking up the sun, a really relaxing holiday. We are going back again in a few weeks, next time we'll have our family with us so not so quiet I expect!


  1. I'm so pleased you weren't enticed to have a ride on a camel. From experience I can tell you that have the most ghastly bad breathe and from the other end! Well.................
    Glad you had a good time and once again have to say!

  2. Dont' know quite what happened there but to follow on from - say.......
    Your sewing is brilliant!

  3. Love the pin cushion, mine is still in my bag! All of my reports have to be finished this week, so I can't wait to complete it.
    Wow! Lovely pictures, I did't see any beauty in the landscape there when I went (but that was with a pre-textile eye). How lovely to be going with all the family. Can I suggest a Kindle for reading on holiday. I will bring mine on Wednesday.