Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Another Scoop?

Thank you to Su, Gina and Celia for the ice cream recipes, I am definitely going to try them ALL!  I had already bought the cinnamon sticks  so I did make the cinnamon ice cream yesterday. It was delicious, a grown up ice cream I think you could call it, adding eggs and making a custard base made a lot of difference  a much smoother dessert! My other half wasn't as sure, not really to his taste! But I noticed he didn't leave any.....

This is the link

I used the ice cream maker but still needed to stir after an hour I did that three times...... Next week I'll  try the vanilla recipes.


  1. I'm definitely coming to yours for lunch if you're making home made ice-cream!

  2. I fancy trying that cinammon one!