Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Courgette or Marrow????????

How did I miss this little fella in the vegetable patch? Well to be honest I did see it was getting big but I was picking courgettes that were smaller, I thought I must come back and pick it soon! But two days later there was no missing it as it started to burst out of the fence around the raised vegetable bed.... It took two of us to remove it from the grasp of the plant!

I left it sitting on the table in the garden to show the rest of the family on Sunday when they came for dinner, it caused a bit of a stir (we lead a quiet life, so it doesn't take much).  We discussed was it now a Marrow or  an overgrown / neglected courgette, we couldn't decide that one, what do you think? While I was putting the finishing touches to dinner and yes, we did have regular sized courgettes and very nice they were too, it was weighed 8lb 11oz.  James my very imaginative son said he thought that when it was cut open we might find a family of Borrowers living in it, we didn't! Becky and James could not be persuaded to take a chunk home with them, Rachel came to the rescue and took a reasonable amount.

Tonight we are having a vegetable curry for dinner and yes it includes an amount of courgette, tomorrow I'm cooking stuffed courgette and Friday who knows? Any ideas of what to do with it would be gratefully received (only clean suggestions thank you)! I still have nearly 4lbs of the thing left and of course while I'm using this up the rest of the little blighters are growing away on the plant, boy am I glad that only one plant survived the raid of the slugs and snails earlier in the year!


  1. Chocolate courgette cake supposed to be very nice.

  2. That is a rather large courgette! How about -Soup? freeze it for a cooler wintery day. How about Chutney?

  3. This is one of my favourite things to do with courgette:
    and it's very quick and easy too.

  4. That's a monster!!! My Mum used to serve marrow chunks with white sauce which was OK but I think it would be good in a chutney, with other ingredients. Have fun!!

  5. Marrow soup is the way to go, it is surprisingly good. The prints were fun to make, you can just try them as monoprints, or make your own gelatine printing block.

  6. I'm sure a marrow is a marrow and a courgette is a courgette.
    I don't think courgettes are as watery as marrows whatever the size.
    Diane gave me the recipe for chocolate courgette cake but I never got round to making it. Let me know if you do!