Wednesday, 18 November 2009

From Chelmsford to Brixton

On Monday I went to Chelmsford branch of the Embroiderers Guild, I've become a member! The speaker was Jacky Russell, her work was amazing, she uses a lot of Lutrador, something I bought ages ago but had no idea of how to use it, but I have now! They are a really friendly group, I did already now a lot of people there some from Aqua , also from my City and Guilds class and of course some are blogging friends, Sharne and Nickie and Diane. It's about a 25 mile journey for me but well worth it, I'll be a regular at the meetings, their programme of speakers looks really good, next month it's Sara Impey!

James, my son had some good news this week the band he plays in Gyratory System ,have been booked to play two nights at the Brixton Academy they are supporting Soulwax, apparently they are really well known! We are all really pleased for him, the only thing is that we had all planned to go out on one of the night's for dinner. It's one of my nephews 21st birthdays, we will miss James and Becky his girlfriend, but it's an offer that the band couldn't refuse! The Brixton Academy is such a well known venue, James took Rachel my daughter there to see Morrissy years ago, so Rachel's really excited to think that he'll be playing on such a well known stage!

The weather here is really miserable, it's going to be another afternoon spent watching TV and hand quilting I think. I didn't manage to get any quilting done yesterday, so I need to get lots of stitching done today!


  1. Really good to see you on Monday night at Chelmsford EG. It was a very inspirational night. Sorry if I rail roaded you into joining. Remember, Jacky is holding a workshop next year with our branch! Booking is through Sheila.

  2. It was lovely to see you again. I hope your son's gig goes well.

  3. Well done James! Hope it all goes well.