Sunday, 8 November 2009

Fun Fun Fun!!!!!!!!

Where to start, I've had a really bad eye infection all week, I'm on antibiotics so cant even make myself feel better with a stiff drink! Dave had this week off so we had planned to go out for a few days. But! we had been waiting for the builder to come and pave our driveway which we are having done jointly with our neighbour. The guy turned up and started, Dave wasn't at home so I went out and talked to him and all he said was 'Yer,yer, yer' your not listening to me I thought! No he wasn't! As a consequence we couldn't go out except for short periods of time as we didn't know what we'd come home and find! I was glad Dave was here as the guy really dismissed everything I said, still it's all finished and as it turns out it looks really good, we just need to sort out our flower beds and it'll look really good. During the week the Aqua-8 group met at he RSPB site fairly close to where I live for a walk sadly the weather wasn't that great. We still managed to have a nice walk and get some good images.The site it's self is really interesting it is on marshland very close to the Thames, and was once used as a Rifle range I know it was used up until the late 1970's as Dave went there when he was a young lad, and every time we pay a visit he spends ages telling me about the good old days!!!!!! I'm not sure if it was used during the First and second world wars? One of the images has the numbers clearly there these were where the targets were located, I think? Yesterday I went to the ERTF conference in Letchworth, the venue was really good, I had been a few weeks ago with another member to check it out, it was ideal. I took along my lap top as a few members are having trouble with their passwords, so I got them sorted out. I'm going to try and take the lap-top along to most conferences, I hope this will make things easier for the members.During the morning there was a talk from Claire, she works for Southend on Sea Museum Services, she gave an interesting talk on costume and textile conservation. Then Liz Holliday did a "members spot light talk" about her work and her inspiration, her work is beautiful. These talks are always inspiring, we are so lucky to have a lot of very talented artist in the group. I was looking around yesterday and thinking, as there are so many members thank god I'll never have to stand up there and give a talk about my work, they will have to get out a search light not a spotlight if they ever ask me to do it. I'll be running for the hills! After a really nice lunch we did a networking- speed dating! It was really good fun, we each took a piece of work that we liked and were happy to talk about, we then had five minutes each to talk to our 'date' before we moved on. As you can imagine it was very noisy a room full of woman chatting at the same time, but really very enjoyable. I did get to talk to a few people that I'd not spoken to before, that's always good!
Who knows what this week holds? Hopefully I'll get in a few trips to the gym, I'm also going to the V&A and while I'm in London I'm hoping to pay a visit to a gallery that we are planning on using for the next ERTF exhibition.
I promise I'll post during the week with some images of textile things, I've made a piece of felt this morning so I'll post about that. I'm supposed to be pinning out a quilt now but the thought of kneeling on my hard wooden floor is putting me off which is why I'm blogging now, can't delay any longer here goes..........Comments are always welcome!

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