Sunday, 15 November 2009

It's Working

A really good week, three trips to the gym, it seems to be working! I visited the doctors to get the results of a blood test I had a couple of weeks ago, my cholesterol is fine and the other things he tested for were good to!

Friday I went to the V&A with a group of friends from ERTF we went to see the Maharaja exhibition,
Chris generously took me in as her guest! The exhibits were wonderful I was particularly taken by a necklace Diamonds, Emeralds and Platinum! I couldn't take photographs in the exhibition, this is in the foyer of the V&A it's a glass sculpture by DALE CHIHULY. Then as usual we sat and had a lovely lunch and a good chat, it's always nice when we catch up. The plan had been to go and look at a venue that is possibly going to be used for ERTF 2011 exhibition, but that didn't happen.

Yesterday I went to Romford Embroiderers Guild meeting, the weather was awful really strong winds and pouring rain, I was surprised how many people turned up. Today was totally different weather warm and sunshine! We went to Lakeside Shopping Centre and managed to get a few more Christmas presents.

Now the weather is changing I'm glad to be snuggling up under my quilt in the afternoons watching something good on the tv and stitching!

Tomorrow evening I'm going to Chelmsford Embroiderers Guild for the first time, I'm really looking forward to it!


  1. Sharne & I went to the V&A yesterday to see the same exhibition. When I went to pay, I was asked if I qualify for any concessions. After feeling insulted, (do I look like I collect my pension?), I was so pleased, because as a teacher I can get into any exhibition for FREE!
    Loved the exhibition, but had thought that there would have been more textile work. I would love the jewels though. Looking forward to seeing you at Chelmsford EG, they really are a lovely bunch.

  2. I was at the V & A on Friday but later in the day. I thought I might bump into you all at some point! Thought it was a good exhibition though.

  3. Glad all those early morning trips are paying off but what do you mean by MORE Christmas presents! I haven't even started to think about Christmas yet- oh help is it really that close! Let me know how the EG trip goes.