Tuesday, 10 November 2009

More Info on Yesterday's blog

Sharne I wish I could say I had dyed the fabric's but , the fabric's are Hoffman's Batiks, I bought it on the last day of a holiday we took in W. Virginia in 2006. We were staying in Charlottesville for a few days and I'd already spent far too much on fabrics on our tour through W Virginia and found Cottonwood , I fell in love with a block of fat quarters and said to Dave 'That would make a lovely quilt for our bed' it took 3 years before I could bring myself to undo the ribbon and take the block of wonderful colours apart. The quilt is for a King size bed and I've got enough fabric over to make a small quilt, I did buy some extra black batik for the boarder. I'm quilting in the ditch of each block, then I'm planning on machine quilting a free machine pattern on the boarder, not sure about that yet!

Thanks Gina, glad you like the colours.

A couple of photos of the hotel and the gardens of the hotel we stayed at in Charlottesville. It was when I was looking at the photo's for yesterdays blog I realised how long I'd been admiring the fabrics, how sad is that 3years!

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  1. A lovely quilt! You may have purchased the fabric 3 years ago, but the actual quilt is coming together quite quickly.