Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Apple Pie

I said there may be an apple pie making an appearance over the weekend, it wasn't until I carried dirty dishes and left over pie back to the kitchen that I remembered to take the photograph.

Yesterday James, Rachel and their partners were here for a barbecue and to sort out all the stuff in the loft. There was lots of laughter about the old toys and memories not only from J&R but also Becky and Alec, both saying I had one of those! This morning I went to two charity shops with a car full of bags and boxes of toys, books, games and clothes, they seemed grateful for the donation. There were about six bags of rubbish put out for the bin men or recycling and still we have about eight bags of rubbish to get rid of, I decided not to put it all out as sometimes if we put out a lot of bags they don't get taken!


  1. You continue to impress me Miriam with your home baking.

  2. Hope you didn't eat any of the pie. Glad you had a lovely family day.