Saturday, 14 August 2010

Gina's Project or Yellow Sketch Book

Well this project has been keeping me busy! I have managed to get in a couple of breaks, one to take this photograph last night of a fantastic sunset, it was taken looking from the back of my house.

I had more of a play with the bleach on Koh-i-Noor,I took out less paint this time, but probably over did the black ink?

A close up of a section of the above image.

That was yesterday, today Dave and I decided to go to Hyde Hall, as the weather wasn't too bad despite the threatened rain storm. It seems ever since I put in my blog that this part of the UK was having a drought it's rained almost every day even the grass in our garden is turning green, instead of the dry straw it was previously. Anyway we got to Hyde Hall only to discover that there was a show today and it was really busy, so we decided to visit a selection of garden centers instead. While we were having a cup of coffee (NO CAKE) I thought I heard a Mum call her little girl Miriam, as we were leaving the Mum said to the little girl loudly "Miriam would you like a biscuit" it's not a name that you hear very often, I wanted to say yes please,and take the biscuit, but didn't.

This afternoon I got back into the project. Using a frame I took sections of the drawings and then traced them into my sketch book, photocopied it and then using different paints coloured the designs.

Black Ink
Water Colour
Caran D Ache the photograph doesn't show the true colours in this one.
Koh-i-Noor I do have to say I'm not overly happy with the painted pieces, but I'll keep going.


  1. Well done on not having the biscuit, it might have caused a stir, had you snatched it foem the child! Really love the sketch book work, I need to buy a new one to do my yellow work.

  2. I love your sketchbook work, t makes me want to get my paints out. I was hoping to do some drawing when I was in Cornwall- not a thing! I MUST find time to do some drawing

  3. Your sketchbook work is fantastic Miriam... in fact it is inspiring me to to some more!