Saturday, 28 August 2010

From This To This

Well I did it and didn't need a lie down either! I was at the Gym early yesterday, then popped into Hobby Craft to pick up something for Diane, while there I got side tracked and ended up buying wool that I really shouldn't have, to knit a cardigan. Then it was off to meet Diane and Jacqueline at Hyde Hall,and a pleasant surprise Sharne was there too! We had a coffee then a wander up to O2's exhibition (2nd time for me and Sharne), lunch then a wander back through the garden. We said our goodbyes, on the way home I did my food shopping. I even managed to get dinner on the table.

On Thursday I went to see a cousin she has a lot of information about our maternal family history of breast and ovarian cancer. I have been referred to a family genetics clinic by my GP, we have a lot of cases in the family. While I was there her partner arrived he'd been to their allotment and had a glut of marrows. They were kind enough to give me one, a couple of cucumbers and a carrier bag full of cooking apples. The visit was supposed to be for a couple of hours but other than at the funerals of both our Mum's a couple of months ago we hadn't seen each other for years. There was a lot of catching up to do and happy memories of when we were children, I ended up staying all afternoon!

So today I've turned this.

Into this.

It did taste a lot better than it looks. Dave and I both hated stuffed marrow when we were young, but this was really tasty. There is lots of marrow left so I'll have to find another recipe to use up the rest of it!

This afternoon I finished adding a few hand stitches to this wall hanging for Lady Bugs Exhibition.

Now I just have to put the binding on this and the Lemon Tree hanging before Wednesday. As my time management seems to be getting better since my previous post it shouldn't be a problem, who know I might even post a photograph of an Apple Pie on here this weekend!!!!!!


  1. Very impressed with the stuffed marrow!
    I remember eating it as a child as well. I can also remember my mum uesed to boil it in with potatoes sometimes, not good!. It was like eating hot melon!!!!!

  2. Sounds lovely, I've managed to palm (I mean give) the rest of the marrow off to Alec. It was nice stuffed but I think marrow twice in one week would be pushing it!