Monday, 16 August 2010

Bacon Roll Incident!

Last night I used oil pastels to colour in the next part of the Yellow Sketch Book project. Then today I've colour washed over it using yellow and green drawing ink, it's given it a soft look. I think I'll have to do more stitching for the rest of the week and less playing as I have a few stitching things on the go and I'm falling a bit behind. I also need to get ahead a bit as I've ordered some wool to knit two baby tops from I KNIT one of my friends is becoming a Granny very soon, so I thought I'd knit as she's a quilter. This is the first time I've ordered wool from IKNIT, I think Rachel has used them she told me about them ages ago, I keep meaning to visit their shop in London but never quite get around to it, something else to go on my to do list.

This morning I had to go and post my old iphone to O2 they are paying me £150.00 for it, that covers buying my new iphone and a months rental is that mad or what?

Not everything is going so great I think I've got a verruca, I've never had one before and it is quite painful. I'm not sure the weight loss is going to be great this week, there was an incident yesterday with a bacon roll, one would have been ok but two, that was unforgivable, but nice! Today I've been really good, no extras hoping to make up for it, tomorrow I'm going to have everything crossed when I get on the scales.


  1. I had a creme brulee, only free food til Wed evening now.

  2. I hope you really enjoyed those bacon rolls! I went to Ikit a couple of weeks ago... it's a lovely shop!

  3. I've got a verruca too.I've had it for so long that it could be termed "My best friend".
    Dont' worry about the bacon roll[s] I eat half a large packet of Minstrels last night and this morning when I weighed myself I've lost 2 pounds. That's exactly how much the Minstrels cost!