Wednesday, 11 August 2010

GET SET GO............

Why is it when you start on a "healthy eating plan" all your social events suddenly turn into "lets do lunch, dinner"? So far I'm coping and what with the gym and the Healthy eating I'm only a couple of pounds away from loosing my first stone. But there is a lot more to go, I wont tell you how many! After many years of on and off dieting I think I've found a way of managing, even going away for a weekend didn't cause me any problems, but I do need to stay focused.

Monday I met a friend at the RHS Garden Hyde Hall we worked out that we've not met for over six months. It was a lovely day, warm and bright we sat and chatted for ages, I took some photographs with the project I'm working on in mind and of course Gina's sketch book project.

Yesterday it was out for lunch with three of my cousins, they are my Mum's nieces and we want to keep in touch, until recently we've kept in touch through our Mum's but of course that's changed. The four of us live close, about a 10 minute drive apart, Tina is my Gym buddy so I do see her at least three times a week.

Today after the gym I picked a few things from my very dried up garden, this part of the UK is getting very little rain,but a lot of sun. We are only watering our vegetable patch,the rest of the garden is more or less dead! Anyway I found a few things, so I thought no excuses GET SET GO.....

Unfortunately no Yellow flowers in my garden!

Drawn with Indian Ink and spaghetti, the pasta kept breaking, I think maybe wholewheat isn't strong enough, so decided to use a graphic pencil 3B.

Then I coloured in using water colour paints.

Now I'm waiting for the diluted bleach to dry, I've painted onto a prepared page. I remembered to use an old brush, watch this space...............


  1. Firstly, congratulations on the weight loss, I am going to SW tonight, dreading what the scales will say. Love the sketch book work, Gina's ideas are really inspirational.

  2. Well done on nearly losing a stone ,keep up the good work ,its hard though isnt it ? I love all your photographs and your pitures are great, clever girl Jan xx

  3. Love what you are doing in your sketchbook! Well done on your weightloss too... I seem to be gaining pounds this summer... perhaps I should stop making cakes?

  4. Well done, with the weight loss. I reckon every pound you loose comes my way. As fast as I loose a pound I gain one!
    Very impressed with your photos and work!