Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Eighth Day - Advent Blog

The last two days have been busy, very little stitching done. Last night I went out for a meal with some of the ERTF Essex members, we had a really good evening.

This morning I was at the gym early  I was going to Lady Bugs the quilt group, I rushed from the gym to the car park put my ticket into the machine and the  £1.20 it asked for.  I got to my car opened the boot (trunk) put my gym stuff in, took out the bag with my work for patchwork, got into the car and thought where is the ticket? I searched the car, coat pockets, handbag, boot, gym bag in fact everything, walked back to the machine, no ticket. It then cost me £10.00 to get a replacement ticket, I wont be making that mistake again!

Sheila's Quilt
Sheila,  finished a lovely quilt she brought it along to show us.  The 100 hexagons were bought at a charity shop, they were already on the papers  she only needed to buy some fabric to match the dark blue  and I think she said the rest came from her stash the backing is a bright green fleece. She is going to use it on her boat so the fleece makes it extra snuggly. Sheila isn't a blogger but sometimes drops into mine for a read so I asked her if I could take a picture of it and put on here she said she'd be pleased. It's nice that something, the 100 hexagons that were given to the charity shop have found a deserving home and will be used and appreciated. After the group 5 of us went out for a nice pub lunch, it's that time of year isn't it?

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