Thursday, 23 December 2010

Twenty Third Day- Advent Blog

Today is James' birthday he's 29,  we went to James and Becky's house for drinks and birthday cake.  Becky's family were there her sister, her husband, Becky's Mum, Dad and Granddad. Rachel came home today and is staying with us for a week, it was nice all being together, in fact we will be together for most of Christmas.

Becky and James cutting the cake
Dave gave up on the turmeric and honey after keeping himself and me awake all last night coughing, he finally went to our doctor, who prescribed antibiotics. Hopefully by tomorrow he'll be coughing a lot less......... Lunch time he went off to pick up our new car it's a Ford Kuga, I driven it to my brothers house, it's lovely car to drive, I've been a bit worried as it's so much bigger than the Fiesta.

Sadly the decorations v. dusting theory doesn't work, I had to give the house a thorough clean today.


  1. I will have to dust tomorrow as we are off to my Mothers for a few days and then we will be bringing her back to Essex for a change of scenery. Happy Christmas!

  2. Card's in the post. Hope you're feeling better and wishing you all a Merry Christmas