Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Fifteenth Day - Advent Blog

Today is the second of the Birthdays that our family celebrate in December, Happy Birthday Matt.

The bathroom is fully complete now, the blind was installed today.  I can have a shower with the light on! That'll be good, I'm fed up on these dark mornings when I get up early to go to the gym. Our bathroom is at the front of the house and I've been told by Dave and Rachel that no one can see but.........

The mincemeat pies were a great sucess, Dave took a few to work and I had a phone call to ask how did I make the topping, one of the girls wants to make some. I think I may cancel the ones on order and make more of these.  If I do I'll have to book in extra visits to the gym in the new year.

This afternoon I posted the remaining Christmas cards and a parcel, fingers crossed they get delivered before the big day. I'm waiting for a parcel from Amazon to be delivered it should have been here on the 9th,  I'm not holding much hope. I'm waiting to hear from Amazon, I've emailed them but not heard back as yet,  it may be too late for Christmas, one of the downfalls of internet shopping I suppose.


  1. Me too waiting on Amazon, I made my order about the same time as you. Checked the tracking today and it was in Scotland on the 8th, now with Royal Mail and no sign.
    I have fingers crossed xx
    Can't wait for you to decorate your cake, now Charlotte & I have put the marzipan on, I'm ready and waiting for some tips on decorating the top.

  2. I'm waiting for a silver order as I need to make something. That is held up - royal mail this time. So far Amazon has been ok - except for one item, must chase it up.

  3. I made an order with Amazon, it only took 3 days.

  4. My order with Amazon, seems to have been delayed as well. The snow has certainly caused a few problems with the postal service. Today, would have been my sons birthday. He hated having a birthday so close to Christmas, as the relations in Wales used to buy one present for Christmas and birthday.