Friday, 10 December 2010

Tenth Day- Advent Blog

Today is the first of the family birthdays - Happy Birthday Dave. Next year it's a really big birthday for him so I'm planning to do something really special for him! This year he had a busy and tiring birthday, James and Becky moved house today! We were on the moving and cleaning team, with Rachel Becky's Mum, Dad and Granddad, her sister and brother in law joined once they finished work,  everything went to plan. They got the keys at twelve o'clock so we spent all afternoon getting cupboards wiped out I cleaned three bathrooms!
Tonight we all celebrated the move and Dave's birthday with fish and chips, champagne and birthday cake.

No photographs today sorry, promise there will be one tomorrow.


  1. Brilliant. So it's happy 49th birthday Dave today is it?
    Well we can all live in hope!

  2. Glad the move went well. Have they got 3 bathrooms?
    Poor Dave having to work hard on his birthday, but i bet he enjoyed having the family around him. Great birthday tea.