Saturday, 11 December 2010

Eleventh Day- Advent Blog

Well it was up with the lark this morning, a bit of a house clean here, while Dave took Rachel home and  visited his Dad. By 2 o'clock  we were back at James and Becky's to carry on with helping them get straight. Becky's parents were there too, after a lovely lunch of butternut risotto, I decided to clean the oven, if I was moving house and leaving my oven I would clean it!!!!! After a couple of hours the oven and hob were shining like new, (well not new, but a lot better than before I started). By the time we all left  there were Christmas lights decorating the outside of their house and indoors the Christmas tree is decorated, a sorted kitchen, bedrooms, living room all sorted. They have quite a lot of boxes still to unpack, I stupidly offered to do their ironing so I now have two huge bags of shirts etc. I must be mad.......

Sorry no pictures today either, must do better tomorrow.


  1. Toilets, ovens, kitchen cupboards and all other nooks and crannies that require a good scrub, all the good jobs that require our expertise.
    Don't you feel better for it though?