Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Fourteenth Day- Advent Blog

This morning I went to get weighed lost 1lb which is a miracle  and better than I deserve, considering quite a few meals out this week and of course the fish and chips on the move day!!!!!!! I decided not to stay for the meeting but dash across to the super market and pick up a few supplies to make the frangipane mince pies from Gina's blog.  I cant say that they were a 100% success but they do taste great, (ssh! don't tell anyone I've eaten two), some look fine and some will be ok with custard over them to hide the defects. I forgot to add the flaked almonds on two batches, and maybe I overfilled the cases with the mincemeat, but at least I tried. I'm going to put some of them in the freezer so there will be some left for Christmas. Glad I have a ordered a couple of boxes as a standby from Waitrose.

Rejects below - overfilled and I managed to slice the top off a couple!!!!!!!
Bet you cant wait for the blog where I decorate the Christmas cake...............


  1. I find that a good sprinkling of icing sugar hides a multitude of sins... not that I can see much wrong with your rejects.
    p.s. they are not diet food... my expanding belly is testimony to the fact!

  2. They look really good. Think I'll try to make some at the weekend.