Monday, 13 December 2010

Thirteenth Day- Advent Blog

It's hard to believe that today is 13th December, Christmas is certainly coming at a pace! All my gifts are bought, not wrapped as yet. But, I have those two huge bags of ironing done, phew!!! If I ever offer to do that again shoot me please!  It was for a good cause and I love them (not the ironing, James and Becky) and that's what Mums do isn't it? Anyone else do things like that for their children?

Anyway going back to the nuts, fat balls etc. While I was resting my back from all the ironing, I sat by the window with my camera poised. I caught these on camera, Gold Finches I think, I should have asked for a bird book from Santa. At one point there were five on the feeder or waiting their turn. The Robin was hanging around and was swooping in from time to time trying  to scare them away but was so quick I couldn't get it in shot a bit out numbered today though.  I'll keep trying............

Yesterday we put the tree up, not a real one, I cant be doing with all the mess, but I do miss the smell. I must say it does look better in the flesh. I've pictured a few of the decorations that we have bought while on holiday in America over the years.


  1. I'll do a lot of things for my children but ironing is not one of them! Your tree looks lovely... haven't got ours yet.

  2. A sewer, a knitter, an ironer and now a twitcher. I just love the fact that your talent is so multi skilled!

  3. Goldfinches. I'm jealous. We still just get the Great Tits.