Friday, 7 March 2008


I went with Chrissythreads today to look at the venue for the ERTF Launch day. Its a really lovely place with a nice airy feel about it. Its getting quite exiting as the day gets closer. I have decided that I am going to stand for election onto the committee, I was a little reluctant to stand, but it would be nice to see the first year out at least. My OH did say that if you start something you should see it through and it does show commitment. I suppose I am a bit concerned that I'm spreading myself a too thin, but I'm not standing for an officers job, I don't couldn't cope with that!
When OH gets in I've got to tell him that I've had a bit of a bash in the car, trouble parking! Its not too bad just a bit of paint scraped off the bumper and onto a gate post! Its the first time I've had a scrape in 35 years of driving, I just hope I go 30 years without another.