Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas and a Healthy and Happy 2013

December is always full of celebrations in this family, we've already celebrated Dave's birthday and this year we had an extra celebration, on Saturday my lovely God Daughter Kate  married  Peter, see  her Mum's blog there are some lovely photographs of the happy couple. Then Sunday it was up early,  no time for a hangover and it was on the train to London for lunch with James and Becky plus Becky's family to celebrate James' 31st birthday, where does the time go, it seems like only yesterday I was pushing him in a pram........ Tomorrow it's Christmas Day then off we go again getting ready for another three birthdays!!!!!!
A Big Thank You to everyone that has visited my blog over the last year and to those that have left a comment an extra big thank you!  Those that haven't I look forward to maybe reading your comments during the coming year!

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

What twice in one week I hear you cry!

Well it's because Betsy and I had a lovely surprise this morning, we had been out for our walk and had just got back when the postman knocked at the door! I looked at the parcel that was being handed to me just seeing the first initial of the name 'B' I was about to say 'no that's not for me'. The postman get very confused here as my neighbours houses are A&B and I'm always having to re post their letters. Anyway back to the parcel, I then saw it was in fact addressed to Miss Betsy Weaver,  we rushed to unwrap it and there was a cute little card from Hetty to Betsy and an absolutely beautiful Harris Tweed Dog Coat made by Jackie Cardy. Betsy was swiftly dressed in her new coat and she paraded around the house wearing it  as though she was in ' London Fashion Week' (now there's an idea Jackie) she looks so cute in it. This is such a generous gift from Hetty and Jackie and Both Betsy and I are over the moon. I'm so glad now that I've booked Betsy in for a wash and cut this weekend, I'm going to have to smarten myself up now too, I don't want to let the side down when we're out walking..........

Thanks again Hetty and Jackie. 

Saturday, 15 December 2012

A Lot of Images

The kitchen is finished, well apart from the walls, they need tiling, but us girls can only put up with so much before Christmas (that's me and Betsy). So until after Christmas we'll be happy to put up with undecorated walls, I've hung a Christmas wreath in the kitchen, very glad it didn't sell at the craft sale!

I had a great day at Art Van Go, and a surprise  bonus was when someone said 'Hello Miriam' it was Lynda Monk, she had popped into pick up some supplies and was asked by Viv to give an impromptu demonstration, which of course being such a lovely lady she did......

Lynda Monk

On my way back home from Art Van Go I stopped at Sewfine in Watford and picked up a new sewing machine a lightweight Janome, that I'd ordered  I've not had a chance to play with it yet.

 Kate my God daughter is getting married on the 22nd December and I was invited to her 'Hen Tea' you can read more about it on her Mum's blog. We all had a lovely time and there was soooo much food, and yes there was cake and yes, I did eat it and NO I haven't forgotten my diet.  At this time of year I find it so hard..... Last weekend Rachel came home for a few days, I can't believe that this time last year I was dropping her off at Heathrow for her trip to Australia. Sunday the rest of the family joined us for lunch as it was Dave's birthday. I cooked the first roast dinner in my new oven with no disasters, a good rehearsal for Christmas Lunch. Monday Dave took the day off work and we went out for Lunch with his Dad. Tuesday it was the Material Girls Christmas do, so much food and I just cant say NO!!!!

This year I took part in ALQS7, I posted my quilt to Scarlett in Chile, I've heard from Scarlett that the quilt arrived safe and she is pleased with it. The quilt I received came from Claudia she lives in Brazil, I'm really happy with the little quilt the colours and the work are beautiful, just right for Christmas.

The Quilt I sent to Chile

The Quilt I received

Today we decorated the Christmas tree (last year we didn't have a tree, new puppy and only Dave and I here) To start off Betsy was very interested but then she got tired of it all and went for a lie down but couldn't help coming back  to have look, fingers crossed the tree remains intact until at least Boxing Day!

The Tree in One Piece

That was hard work.....

What's He got?

 You  do know it's raining!!!

Help ME, don't let him take me......

I give in..... wait till I get back, paw prints all over your clean floor!