Thursday, 16 August 2012


I've blinked and I  have missed Summer, I did keep my eyes open long enough to watch and enjoy the Olympics. Brilliant, WELL DONE TEAM GB, I hope that the Para Olympics is as successful, no reason why it shouldn't be! Despite it being fairly close to home I didn't try to get tickets for the Olympics but watched at home and enjoyed every minute. I have tried unsuccessfully a couple of times for Para Olympics tickets but only half hearted, so I will be watching on TV to be  honest hearing others talk about it I think they are the best seats, plus we don't have to worry about getting Betsy looked after for the day! To be honest I wasn't very enthusiastic about the Olympics coming to London, I think it was the cost to the London Boroughs and the fact that we will be paying for it for years to come , but I'm not someone who wont say when they are wrong and I think I was wrong, it has made everyone come together and gave us all something positive to enjoy, whether we got tickets or not!

In July The Material Girls took part in the Romford Art Trail our work 'Small Prayers' was placed in St Edwards Church in the Market Place, I didn't get to see the exhibition but apparently there was positive feed back about our work.  I took my inspiration from the hymn Jerusalem, but not being a member of the WI, I found the words on the Internet, and I made a mistake ( another one). I read the words over and over, and I convinced myself that it read 'bowl of burning gold' NO it's 'bow of burning gold'. At least I got 'those feet in ancient time walk upon England's mountains Green' it's always good to give the Material Girls a laugh!!!!

Photo supplied by Margaret Lacy

  This month I've also finished quilting a large double quilt for my nephew and his fiance ready to give to them next July for their wedding present, now that's being prepared, for a change. Sorry no images yet not until after their wedding!

Bridging Waters is going to be exhibited for the last time before heading off on its travels to Canada, so if you want to see it without going to Canada this is your last chance! Maldon is a lovely place to visit, lots of little shops and good places to eat, and if you want to make a day of it Maldon isn't far from `Tiptree. So you could pay a visit to the famous Wilkinson Jam Factory, I promise you wont be disappointed in how many flavours of jam there are in their shop, they also have a brilliant cafe!

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