Saturday, 20 October 2012

I am OK

Update on my numb leg, on Thursday morning I went to the GP hoping to get a referral letter to see a consultant privately. A nice young doctor about 12 I think!  He took my blood pressure, first my left arm then my right (strange I thought)  he asked me to lay on the couch and keeping my left leg straight raise it up, I couldn't!  He then told me he was going to dial 999 for an ambulance as he thought I'd had either a TIA or a Stroke, WHAT?????......... at this point I started to panic and had a bit of a cry........My poor husband had only just got to work  when I phoned him to let him know what was happening.  Once in the ambulance I was checked over  by the paramedics who said that my blood pressure was slightly raised (not a surprise after the shock) but not as high as the doctor had stated and my heart rate was almost normal. I was rushed into A&E and seen straight away by a lovely doctor who after examining me said he could assure me I'd had neither a Stroke or a TIA. I told him what had happened previously, holiday, dvt etc. and that I only wanted a letter of referral to see someone about my back and numb leg and he's arranged for me to see a Neurologist privately. In the meantime I had let Dave know the situation but by now he was already on the train and on his way to pick up the car from the doctors. OMG what a day, I know it was the GP being cautious but when he said my blood pressure was so high I did ask him to take it again using a different machine but he ignored me. It wasn't my usual GP and I will be making sure I don't go to see him again.

Apart from that excitement which I could have done without I have been getting on with my C&G homework, the colour wheel again! My first class is on Wednesday I've already  missed one because of the Holiday, I did consider asking if I could postponing it until after Christmas, but there are no stairs to climb. I'm going to see the Neurologist on Thursday so after that I will know what's happening, until then a few things are having to go on hold, a visit to a gallery in London but I'm having difficulty climbing stairs and there is noway going to London would be a pleasure at the moment and I can do without the stress to be honest.

The thing is you never know what life is going to throw at you do you, but from now on I'm going to watch what I say, after the previous visit to A&E  I said to Dave the quickest way to get seen was to go in by ambulance or get drunk and taken there by the police.......

Here's hoping for a very dull and uninteresting week.

Not a great photo of a colour wheel

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Holiday in Mauritius

I wanted to share with you some of the images from our recent visit to Mauritius, the island is so beautiful and the people are lovely. Unfortunately half way through the first week of the stay I had a really bad back ache and that put an end to anymore sight seeing. Luckily the day of our twelve and a half hour flight home my back improved, so the journey home was relatively pain free! But the day after I ended up needing to visit the Accident and Emergency unit at our local hospital.  My left leg was numb from the knee to the ankle, as a precaution I was treated as though I had a DVT, luckily my sister in law (she is a nurse) was able to inject me in the stomach with a blood thinning drug until I could get an appointment at the  DVT clinic.  It was confirmed yesterday that it isn't a DVT,  thankfully. I must say that I was surprised to be asked by the hospital if they could give me the medication and to do it myself?  It is thought that I have a trapped nerve in my spine so now I'm waiting for that to be investigated. Oh dear now we feel as though we've not had a holiday!