Wednesday, 22 July 2009


Its done, I've just posted my submission for the ERTF exhibition in Cambridge, just got the waiting now. It's a couple of weeks before I find out if my three pieces are accepted. It's the first time I've put work forward for a juried exhibition, a new experience. Here's a sneak preview, they aren't quite finished yet, I've just got to put them onto canvases.

These are called Irrigation I, II and III

Just an update on the exploding egg saga, the smell has gone and the saucepans as good as new!

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Not a Domestic Goddess

Trying to be organised yesterday I started to make preparations for Dinner in the morning by boiling some eggs to go with our salad. My husband has decided that he enjoys a hard boiled egg, and usually it's not a problem. I've one of those little plastic things that you just pop in with the eggs and it changes colour, so you know if its soft or hard boiled! Time passed and I phoned chrissythreads we were having a lovely chat when there was a loud bang, bang, bang. Three eggs had exploded and the house filled with smoke and a dreadful smell of burnt plastic. The plastic thing had stuck to the bottom of the pan, why didn't the smoke alarms go off? They frequently go off in this house, especially when I'm boiling potatoes. Luckily my pans are good ones and these burnt offerings usually clean off. I was lucky this time too, another blast with Fairy power spray and a turn in the dish washer and all evidence will disappear, until I do it again.
I was thinking about this in the shower this morning, it's where I do all my best thinking. The 'egg explosion' is second thing to go wrong this week, Saturday I grabbed the sheets of the bed, straight into the washer and I heard a clanking noise, ignored it. The washing finished and when I emptied it I found the TV controller and batteries all nice and clean, oops! They all still work, the controller is now a slightly black-grey-white colour.
I must have spent to long thinking about these two things going wrong as I stepped out onto a soggy shower mat, the tray had slightly over flowed, must be a blockage somewhere!
They say things happen in threes, I'm not sure whether the little flood should be included as I would like to light a scented candle, to get rid of the slight burnt plastic smell that is lingering on, despite having windows and doors open for most of yesterday, not sure how safe a lit candle would be with me here on my own!