Friday, 29 May 2009

Back In the Groove

After reading Fan My Flame this morning I feel ashamed, I've not posted for so long. I'm not sure that anybody reads my ramblings anyway. 
Just to give a bit of a catch up, my operation went very well and it was done 'key hole' leaving 5 very small scars and a large stone in a jar ( which has now been disposed of, yuk!) it had been suggested that I use it in a piece of textile work? just the thought turns my stomach!
Now I'm back and fully functioning time seems to be flying past, and here are just a few of the things that have happened. I've been to a wedding, a trip with Chrissythreads and a few other  members of the ERTF to the V&A to see the Baroque exhibition, while there we also got to see the Hat exhibition at the same time. I wasn't to keen on the Baroque but love the hats and of course the company! I did a great workshop with Nickie  and Sharne, I've got to say it was a really busy workshop, and I was delighted with the piece that I came away with,(see above)
I've also finished my wall hanging for my C&G I cant show a photograph as I'm putting it in the Material Girls Exhibition and I don't want to spoil the surprise! Last week we had the external City and Guilds assessor come to look at our work, she seem to be very pleased with all our work, so that's a big thank you to Chris Bojan. We are going to carry on next year and I'm looking forward to doing the things she has planned!
I've booked a place on the Embroiderers Guild Eastern Regions weekend workshop at Belstead, I'm really looking forward to it, I love weekend workshops, there's nothing quite like going away with like minded people and spending all day stitching or playing with dyes which is what I'll be doing. I'm very into dying at the moment.
I'm looking forward to the  ERTF  Tea and Textiles at Chrissythreads next Friday, I'll post more about that next weekend.
Today I'm spending the day knitting yet another pair of socks, I cant really get into anything serious as there are 2 men upstairs plastering the ceilings, so its easy to put down knitting needles and make yet another cup of tea! Plus there is so much stuff in front of my workroom door I cant get in there!  There is mess everywhere, why are we punishing ourselves like this. The poor cat doesn't know where to go!
So it'll be back to more work next week, looks like the weekend is going to be really warm and sunny, fingers crossed.