Friday, 23 January 2009

From Panels to Tiarars

It's been a long and varied week. Monday I was in hospital having an endoscopy and a cut put in my bile duct so that it can drain, this is a good thing! don't ask. Next Friday I go to see the consultant and hopefully all the blood test will be OK and he will tell me that he's happy to go ahead and remove my gall bladder, I'm hoping that by the end of February it will all be over.

Thursday I had my panel project signed off hooray! See above. Now I'm onto the next project accessories, I'm making a handbag. I'll post more about that as I go along.

Today I went to the V&A with chrissythreads, and had a really great time, I feel really inspired by the Tsars exhibition. I also picked up a couple of books one on handbags and the other on Tiaras, so that's my 3D project sorted, I'm all fired up. I have been flagging  creatively a bit lately, probably due to my health problems I can be excused, today really did give me the boost that I needed so thanks Chris.