Friday, 25 September 2009

In The Groove?

It started off as a really good week, Tuesday I was in Cambridge stewarding at the ERTF exhibition. It was a really good day, we had plenty of visitors and I met a new member, Sue she's a weaver and lives in Norwich. I also started at the gym this week, so far so good, I can still walk and feel a lot better knowing that I'm doing some exercise, I've been 3 times this week!
Wednesday the band that my son is in had a launch party near Smithfield Meat Market, at a place called Pure Groove, we felt old! However  we weren't the oldest there Robin in the band is in his 70's I think! The band is called Gyratory System, I dont mind the music but I couldn't listen to it all the time. Everyone there seemed to enjoy it, the place was packed,last week their single was voted as the best new release of the week in the Guardian! The band before were 2 boys dressed as girls, with very bad makeup and clothes, when I said to my daughter that I could give them a couple of tips on how to apply lipstick I got a 'schooosh', their first song was all about cutting off their 'boy bits', not the words they used! As I said to my sons, mother in law, they were trying to shock, been there done that! Some of us remember Punk the first time round! And the first time it was better than the rubbish they were churning out, maybe I am too old! Before we went to the gig we had a lovely meal at SOS, if you watch Master Chef it's run by John Torode.
Today I took my Mum to Cambridge so she could have a look at the exhibition, have Lunch and have a look at the shops, she's had some very sad news another of her sisters has been told she's got cancer and doesn't have very long. My cousins have taken her to live with them, which is very sensible as they live quite a few miles from her. Mum wont be able to pop round the corner to see her, and to make it worse their eldest sister died at the start of the summer. My Mum is the youngest of 7 and has only one sister left, and they aren't close at all! I cant imagine how she feels, but I spent the day listening to her! When I left her she said how much she'd enjoyed the day and that it had helped not sitting at home thinking about things.
Oh! to end on a good note I have a follower, thanks Gina! I should also say that at the exhibition today I noticed that another piece of work has been sold, a felted piece of work.

Thursday, 17 September 2009


I've been having a really busy but good time at the moment, I seem to be spending most of my time dashing up and down to Cambridge. My other half and I were there for the weekend, we stayed in a lovely hotel and enjoyed a great lunch on Sunday at Jesus College with some of the members of ERTF. Michael Brennand-Wood gave a talk after lunch, which everyone enjoyed even by those who are not really textile enthusiasts. After lunch we walked around the gardens and admired the sculptures by Anthony Gormley that are being exhibited around the gardens or perched on the top of buildings. Below photo of lunch.

Pictures of our walk around Jesus College Cambridge, it is such a lovely building full of doors and interesting areas, I took lots of photographs!

On Wednesday I was back again in Cambridge stewarding at the Shop. We had lots of visitors so the time flew past, I had taken some knitting to pass the time, but I didn't need it! I me some very interesting people, also a few people expressed interest in joining ERTF.
While all this has been going on I've also been getting some work done. But I'll post about that at another time.
My son is in a band Gyratory System, next week they have an album release!

Friday, 11 September 2009

It's Not How It Starts It's How You Finish

The week started by a trip to Cambridge and the setting up of the ERTF exhibition, a blank canvas!
It was back to Cambridge again on Wednesday for the private view! Look how it changed into a bright vibrant space. Well worth a visit.

Lorraine the chairman of ERTF introducing Mary Couzins- Walker who made a lovely speech, and told us Artist to be true ourselves.
Yesterday it was a trip to Southend - on - Sea a walk along the front and an ice cream! (see below)
Today a visit to Aldeburgh, fish and chips out of the paper and sitting on the pebble beach, the best fish and chips I've ever had. On the way home we stopped of at Snape Maltings for a look around and a coffee! 
A Barbara Hepworth sculpture at Snape. A perfect finish to the week in my book!

Monday, 7 September 2009

ERTF Exhibition- Moving Forward

The ERTF Exhibition opens tomorrow. It's very exciting it's the first exhibition that I've taken part in where the work was selected I've got three pieces in the exhibition. I was in Cambridge yesterday helping to set up, the work is very varied not all embroidery. Well worth a visit, but then I'm very biased, so come along and have a look for yourselves I know you'll get a warm welcome. For more information take a look at the ERTF site, there are going to be work shops going on too!