Thursday, 22 March 2012

Playing with Wordle

Take it easy!

A couple of weeks ago Betsy went to the vets, so no chance of pups,  after the operation she was supposed to take it easy for a couple of weeks. No long walks, that was easy, but the NO letting her chase around in the garden wasn't quite so easy! As she was such a good girl she has a new collar and lead and a couple of new toys, spoilt no not her......

It's lovely when the garden starts to show signs of the season ahead, it looks like my garden is all very pink this year.

The camellia is doing it's usual thing and is covered in blooms, the blue berry bushes are in bud so with some luck we'll get another good crop this year.  I haven't  many plans for vegetable growing this year, the part of the UK I live in is threatened with a drought, and from the start of April we have a hose pipe ban which will make everything more difficult. I'm thinking of only planting a few salad crops, also Betsy dashes around the garden at a great rate so anything to delicate would be destroyed in five minutes or dug up. Dave has put a small picket fence around the raised beds to help keep her off. I was getting fed up with her digging in the dirt and coming in covered in mud every time she went outside, every day was bath day! Never a dull moment here.

The plans for the next showing of Bridging Waters are in full swing, a few of us went for another visit to the venue this week. I've been busy getting bits and pieces made for the shop, so far I've made a couple of bags and a couple of bowls.  Also I've crochet a  Scrappy Granny blanket I'm not sure whether to put it in the shop, sometimes I lack confidence that others will want to buy what I make.

Scrappy Granny Blanket

Knitted Felt Bag
I've a few more things to make before the Exhibition, I'm sure that shop is going to have a huge selection of things for sale when the Material Girls put all their creations together.

The Material Girls had their meeting last week and Chris gave us our next project that is Cottenham 2014. Some time yet,  you might think but there's going to be a lot of work and research, our next meeting is at the British Museum in April. We are so lucky to have such good resources on our door step, how foolish would be be not to take advantage.

There are a few things planned for the coming months, Dave and I have tickets for the Lucian Freud exhibition, I'm not sure I would have chosen to buy them but Rachel bought the tickets then realised she was doing something else that weekend so we are doing her a favour, she's bought herself more tickets for another day. The things we parents do for our children.....I've book myself onto a weeks Shibori course with Janice Gunner in July that's in Walthamstow, not far from home so I can drive there each day. I did a similar course with her a few years ago and had a fantastic time. I've ordered my fabrics already so I'm very keen as you can tell.

On Saturday Dave is flying off to Kuala Lumpur to work for a week, a long way to travel for  a week, I could have gone with him but decided  I would rather stay at home and get some textile work done. He'll go off to the airport with a list of things I'd like from the duty free though. I did mention to him last night that he could look out for some batik whilst he was in Malaysia, but trying to explain what sort of fabric I'd like...... I wont expect to get any.

Has anybody been having trouble leaving comments on blogs?  I get the comment typed  then when I try to put the two key words in nothing happens. So just to let you know I have been reading blogs but the comments are very hit and miss.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

So this is next?

This is very exciting it is the next event where you'll be able to catch the Material Girls-Articulation exhibition
- Bridging Waters. It is promising to be a brilliant event with lots of textile artists coming along to demonstrate their art! Hope to see you there.