Tuesday, 23 December 2008


Only two days to go.

I had my MRI scan yesterday, it wasn't as bad as I expected. I just had to lay there and breath and hold my breath when the girl told me to. I'm always worried that they are going to forget to tell you to breath again and just get to the point when I think I can't do this any longer and the words come out "AND BREATH" aahhhh. It's funny how I don't worry about coming up for air when I'm talking!

I've bought a frozen turkey this year which is another break with tradition, I'm not sure how long it needs to defrost. Plus it's huge, I bought it when I thought that father-in-law was coming to us for Christmas dinner, so we'll be eating turkey well into the new year. Why do I always worry that I've not got enough food at Christmas? there is always more than we need, I'm quite happy to entertain and cook for lots of people the rest of the year. Still I've not got the problem of wondering around the supermarket this year, my shopping was ordered on line weeks ago and has been amended so many times since that I'm amazed I've not had an email from Ocado saying "bloody hell woman make up your mind!"

Daughter came home last night and as predicted "I don't think the tree looks right in the dinning room, plus we always open our presents in the living room, are we going to have to sit at the table and open them this year?" It's to late now the tree is staying where it is!

Today is sons 27th Birthday, there is a party tonight at his house, writing this has made me think about the parties that he had when he was small, we went through the McDonalds parties, Parties at home with clown's etc. then on to trips to the cinema with a group of friends, then to the various museum's in London, again with friends. Of course because of the time of year this was often done after his birthday as, the day before Christmas eve isn't always the most convenient time for other people. But as I think I mentioned in a previous post Birthdays and Christmas go together in this family, so we have to get over these things the tree either goes up late or comes down early depending on how we are going to celebrate. That tradition is carrying on, son said the other day "I haven't put up the tree at home yet until after my party", it made me smile.

Father-in -law went off yesterday to spend Christmas with brother and sister-in-law, I hope he has a good time, I'm sure he will there are the 2 boys and I'm sure that they will keep him entertained. The journey seemed to go OK, anyway he got off the train and didn't end up in Glasgow! our fear was that he'd doze off and miss the stop, he's not doing to bad for an 86 year old. I did tell him that they might expect him to go out and feed the sheep on Christmas morning, he wasn't to pleased about that! When we've been for a visit they've managed to get us townies out in the fields herding their sheep.

Well I suppose I'm delaying going out to look at the instructions on this turkey, I'm off to delve into the freezer now. Next year its tree in living room and fresh turkey and back to the tried and tested traditions!

Friday, 19 December 2008


I had an appointment today with the surgeon, I need to have an MRI scan as they think that a gall stone has moved into my bile duct. This needs to be sorted out before the gall stone/bladder can be removed, lucky me! Everything is happening so fast, I thought that I'd get an appointment after Christmas but no I'm going on Monday for the MRI, thats really quick, I'm not complaining.

Tomorrow we start doing our pre-christmas family visits giving out presents, they still need to be wrapped!  I should be doing that now but I'm not, husband is out for his christmas works do and I did say that they would be done this evening but to be honest I'm not in the mood.

This year we broke with tradition and put the tree in the dinning room instead of the living room, I'm not sure its right, but its to late to move it. Son called in tonight and said "Mmm thats different" not sure he liked it either, cant wait to hear what daughter thinks when she sees it. Strange how we like things to stay the same!

Thursday, 11 December 2008


WOW! do I always start my blogs Its been busy? The New Year will bring a new start to my blogs, that my first new years resolution!

Christmas Cheer

Its been a really busy few weeks, helping daughter to get her place sorted and also visiting father in law more than we have done previously. Now he's on his own I think that most weekends will be like that,  shopping for him or just visiting. His only close family is us or a couple of cousins who have their own families.

I've not been feeling that great for a while and after some investigation at the hospital its been discovered that I've got a Gall stone! My OH spent his birthday yesterday at the hospital while I had a endoscopy, he did get tea and biscuits what more could you ask for. I have an appointment next week with surgeon to find out what is going to happen about the stone.

Tonight we are having the family over for dinner, so his birthday starts when he gets home tonight! This time of year is always busy for us as the 4 of us have our birthdays between the 10th and 31st of December we call it bad planning not family planning! Then sons girlfriend has her birthday on the same day as daughter so that 5 birthdays and I must'nt forget my nephew who is also in December!!!!!! anybody else that wants to join the family is going to be vetted  and no December birthdays will be allowed.

Last Friday we had the ERTF Essex Christmas meal it was really nice to get together socially. This lunch time the girls from my C&G class got together for lunch also a good idea as we had a good meal and had a chat. Not that its unusual for us to chat we sometimes spend the whole of Thursdays talking, although we've only known each other for a short time we all seem to get on really well and we have been talking about starting a group when the class finishes in June, it sounds very exciting! Tomorrow I'm off to the ERTF committee meeting, they are usually marathons, hopefully this one will be fairly short, we'll have to see I wont hold my breath!!!

While all this has been happening I've been getting on with my panel and also I'm getting close to finishing a double quilt for my brother and sister in laws 25th wedding anniversary next year, I've given myself a lot of time to get it done, I can do without any pressure at the moment.

Reading this back I sound quite fed up, I'm not apart from the stomach problems everything is great, and I really love this time of year even though on the 31st I'll be 53!