Monday, 12 May 2008

A Long Time Since The Last Post

Its been along time since my last post, I do keep meaning to post regularly but life gets in the way.
Well I've been busy doing my samples for my city and guilds course, it seems I get 12 done only to be given another24. I do feel as though I'm never going to catch up! We are on to form now I've still got a couple of things to do to finish my shape folder then I can start on the form folder, having said that I've got a few thing done towards form already. Pictures later. I do sometimes think I sound as though I'm not enjoying the course which is not true I am.
Last weekend we went for a walk in to Cely Wood which is a place that we drive past at least once a week and at one time we both drove past twice a day as it was our route to work. It is true what they say the things that are on your doorstep you never seem to visit, anyway the bluebells were out and what a sight a wonderful carpet of blue and in one part of the wood they were mingled with a lovely little white daisy type flower. This is a place that we will visit again and again I'm sure. Well I must get on now and do some more work to try and get that folder finished.