Thursday, 20 October 2011

Catch up!!!

The Material Girls exhibition at Craft Arena has been and gone, the work got some good comments and  the 'Liberation of the Heart' hanging looked as though it was meant to be there, despite not being made for that exhibition it fitted in very well and I was relieved to get it back. There are lots of exciting things in the pipeline for The Material Girls, we'll  be exhibiting the 'Articulated Materials-Bridging Waters' work at three venues, more about that in future posts. I've still a way to go to get my work completed, as I have a helper with me ALL of the time, but things are getting a lot easier with Betsy.

I went to the Knit and Stitch with my sister in law, it was her birthday treat from me,  we had brunch which was very nice and saved stopping for lunch! Michelle enjoyed it and bought herself a new pattern book and some wool to knit a scarf. This year I spent very little and came away with money still in my purse? First time ever, I usually spend my cash and then hit the credit cards!

Last Friday I met up with some of the Essex ERTF members at another members home, we were having a meeting to follow up on a sketching day we had on a very hot and sunny day in August at Southend on Sea.

After  a lot of chatting and some delicious cake that our lovely hostess provided, our sketch books were produced and we discussed how we were developing our ideas, I'd only managed to progress with the designs, others had developed onto stitching, felting and printing. It was a day I really enjoyed I hope that we continue with this project, it's definitely the sort of thing I need to move my work on, I also like to see the way others work ( that's because I'm nosy). Rachel took the day off work and puppy sat, Betsy has been left for a few hours but I think Rachel wanted an excuse to look after her without us around and as she was coming home for the weekend anyway.......

The garden situation, well it's no longer looking so great, nothing to do with the weather! Betsy has dug up, chewed or trampled her way through most of the flowers ( No Photo's sorry) The vegetables are almost over I have some parsnips, swede and celeriac still growing. I did have a glut of tomatoes so made lots of sauce which is in the freezer and three large kilner jars of chutney, last time I made chutney I used it in curries and it added a depth to them, so I'm looking forward to that. I also have a supply of onions which should last until well into the new year. I would call that a successful year, well for me anyway, not sure if it will be so good next year. We need to find a way of  keeping  Betsy off the veggie patch!

Last week Betsy was a bit of a nightmare she suddenly decided that she would wake up at 5 am, not good for me! But things have improved this week, she seems to have settled down again and we are into a routine that seems to suit us all. Last week I started taking her to training classes and she now behaves better when we are out walking. Not that she was badly behaved before it's just that she barked at every one we met and every dog, she just wants to play and be friends with everyone and sadly not everyone wants to be friends with her! She has also stopped barking every time she is in the garden and my neighbour is out there, so life is calmer, well for the moment anyway. We have also been taking her to puppy socialisation classes at the vets, she meets other pups of about the same age but not the same size in the group there are two Rottweiler's, Betsy is not afraid to play with them and she stands her ground which is a bit scary for us. There is so much conflicting advice out there, the dog trainer says we shouldn't do both, the vets say we should, Rachel has a friend who is a dog trainer and she says its good to do both. I've decided to ignore everyone and do what I think is best for us, Betsy enjoys playing with the other pups and  there is only one more session to go, we will carry on! Betsy is developing  a lovely character she loves to have the last word, something that I think is a mini schnauzer thing. She does something  I can only describe as grumble. If she barks and I tell her to stop, she'll stop barking but carry on with this low grumbling, she does it at the training class and everyone thinks it's really funny. Now I only have to stop her weeing on the floor and we've cracked it!! Thankfully we have no carpets only a couple of small rugs easily replaced when this stops, it does stop doesn't it???

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Growing Fast

Betsy is growing up so fast!

The First Time I Saw Betsy (2 Weeks)

A Few Weeks Later

First Day With Us (11weeks)

This Morning (14 Weeks)
This Afternoon ( She's been clipped)

Playing in Veggie Bed