Wednesday, 25 March 2009


This time tomorrow I should be having my gall bladder operation, after such a long wait I cant believe that its actually going ahead. I wish that it was Friday and it was all over!
I've been looking at holiday photos again and came across this one it was taken in the Lake district in 2007, I love the reflection on the water, I cant remember which lake.
I'll be back home on Friday if all goes well, I've got loads of things planned to do when I'm recuperating. I started knitting a pair of socks yesterday so I can take those into hospital with me, I thought it would be easier than taking in threads and trying to do stitching. I've been knitting socks now for a while whenever things are tough I find I can knit away and loose myself.......

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Blickling Gate

This is one of those photographs I've taken in the past, I mentioned in a previous post. One of those that maybe useful 'sometime'. I actually used it for a project in my City and Guilds! I added a few french knots!

Monday, 23 March 2009

Taken by Others

This is what mean I wasn't even there and my OH started taking photos that he thought I might like for projects.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

And Another Thing

Another thing, the other day my OH,(I'm not sure if I've mentioned he loves a gadget) decided that we needed to be able to use the TV to use iplayer and see photographs. Off he went to the shop and came back with leads and things I'm not interested in. When it was set up we sat down to watch photographs of our ORLANDO holiday which was a family holiday. As the slide show was flicking through it suddenly became apparent that most of the pictures were of things.
Is this usual, there were 5 of us on this holiday but most of the pictures that I took were taken with the idea that maybe I would use as inspiration for a project. I've even got others doing it, they take pictures of things for me!
I thought that I might post some of these over the next few days.

3rd Time Lucky

I know I said I'd blog more often, but to be honest I really dont think that my life is that interesting! 
All I have been doing lately is my C&G work see my accessory project, bag with change purse and glasses case.
Also I've still got my gall bladder well hopefully for only another week. The operation has been arranged twice already but my liver function hasn't been right. Now I've been referred to another surgeon at a London Hospital I met with him on Monday. He's going to do the operation on the 26th, whats the saying 3rd time lucky!
Now I'm trying to get things sorted as I wont be able to drive for a couple of weeks, so I'll need lots of things to keep me amused while I'm recuperating. Today I've dyed silk for the first time this is for my wall hanging project, really good results. Thats something that I can work on and hopefully finish before I get back to class. I've decided that I love dying fabric and I want to do a lot more of it in the future.
I also managed to finish my piece of work for the ERTF challenge it wasn't what I planned to do but I've had other things on my mind but it was put in the post at lunch time. Hooray !!!
Thats it for now.