Saturday, 12 April 2008

Busy Times

I'm a bit late in posting, but its been a busy time. Last weekend I went to Belstead house with the Embroiderers Guild and had a fantastic weekend, just sewing it was great, snow and bad weather didn't put a dampener on things, Pauline Verinder was wonderful I will do another workshop with her. I have finished 2 of the pieces that I started there. I've also finished the banner I'm doing for an exhibition with the Material Girls and have come up with some ideas for my other pieces of work for the show in October. This time next week the ERTF launch day will be over, and we'll be thinking about our next event! Sorry to say that I've not got much done for my C&G course but at least I do know where I'm going. This afternoon I went to our Embroiderers Guild meeting and had an inspiring talk Barbara Weeks she was talking about colour and dying her own fabrics I want to do more of that!