Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Catching Up

I've not posted for a while but I've not been out of touch, I've been keeping up with all the news by reading everyone else's blogs. In between that I've met a friend for lunch at Barleylands and as I didn't spend enough at the K&S I made a couple of purchase's at Craft Arena. I've also been busy uploading information onto the Aqua-8 website, it's still very much a work in progress, I've also made another site for myself miriamweaver.

My Mum has been suffering with a frozen shoulder or a 'cold shoulder' as she told someone! I've been doing bit's for her, shopping etc. Then on Friday I took her for a hospital appointment, she had a small lump cut out of her chin, now we have to wait for the results.

Rachel came on Sunday for lunch and she took home a scarf I'd finished knitting for her, I forgot to take a photo! I've asked her to take a photo so I can put it on here, but knowing how she feels about me using her image on here, see previous blog and 'the hat' I wont hold my breathe. But it is a lovely red scarf that I knitted using some of the wool that I purchased at the K&S.

I think that's probably it for now. I wont go into the details of the other things that have been going on here, as it involves Belle our constipated cat, our new bed, pee and a trip to the vet's. No that isn't what happened, she's still here! Here is a photo of the LOVELY BELLE, sitting on the bed!!!!!!

Monday, 12 October 2009

Knitting And Stitching Show

I had a lovely day yesterday, it started off when I tried to get into a Range Rover and only being short and without the aid of a ladder I eventually managed it! It gave everyone a good laugh and started the day off in a cheery mood especially a we had an early start. It really made a change as I was a passenger, there was lots of chatting in the car and we missed the turning, but we still arrived early and had a coffee before the show opened! Once inside we split up and arranged to meet up at 3.30 for Afternoon Tea, we set off into the halls packed with all the wonderful things to tempt us, my purse flew open and out came my cash and my credit card and this is what I came home with.

I joined the International Felt Makers Association, I'd spent a wonderful week with Cathy Unwin an ERTF member and Sue Pearl at Janice Gunner's summer school, it was nice to meet Sue again. Janice had a solo exhibition at the show too, I managed to get to say hello to her . The place was buzzing, it's always great to meet up with people you know either in the crowds or on their stands. James Hunting was on the Royal School of Needlework stand, he was a great help to ERTF when we were launching.

East had a lovely exhibition which will be moving to Harrogate K&S in November, next Autumn it will be at the Warners Archive, so there will be plenty of chances to view their work again, Janette and Carole were on the stand so I thought I'd share a photo of them with you! This year there were a lot of knitting stalls which I was pleased about as I had my cousin J with me she was a K&S virgin, she enjoyed the show and came home with wools to knit socks, scarves and even some wire and beads to knit 5 bracelets! I think she's hooked and will going again next year, who knows next year she may even buy some threads and surprise everyone! By the time it got to 3 o'clock, we had done almost everything, so we made our way outside to meet the others for our tea. This is this first time I've done this as usually when I go to this show I don't stay that long, my daughter usually comes with me and we have a system where we walk up and down the isles, buy what we want when we see it and never go back on ourselves. This time we wandered and spent more time looking at the exhibitions, both ways are enjoyable and I thought that we had earned our tea!
Funnily enough when we got back to the car I had no trouble getting in, maybe it's because my purse was much lighter! The journey home was good, talking about what we'd seen and bought, I was dropped off and the others went home. I spent the evening finishing off a pair of socks so later today I'm going to download a pattern for a shawl and get knitting, using my new purchases. I'm going to give the sock knitting a rest for a while. I've also got to work out what to do with soft sulpt, watch this space! I should also say thanks Diane for the lift, Sharne, Jackie, and the k&S virgin for the company!

Monday, 5 October 2009

Fishy Weekend!

I'm all fished out, after watching Nigel Slater on TV last week, I had an urge to cook Smoked Haddock Chowder, so that was Saturday's dinner! Sunday we met my cousin and we went to The Company Shed for lunch on Mersea Island, it's an experience not to be missed! You cannot book and it's a very popular place, you have to take your own drink, bread, butter and if you want mayonnaise take it yourself. They do provide glasses, but don't expect wine glasses, no napkins but kitchen paper is provided a roll on each table. We arrived and put or names on the board, then left to find a cafe for a coffee, when we arrived back the restaurant was full so we stood with a swelling group and waited to be called it took about 20 minutes, well worth the wait, on the board after us there were 18 groups, we sat at a table with another 4 people. The menu is fish, fish or more fish, it’s mainly shellfish we ordered a platter for 4, it was enjoyed as you can see from the photographs. Lunch was finished off with coffee at Mersea  Island Vineyard, I even bought a bottle of blush wine, I'm going to keep it for Christmas, how's that for planning?

Then tonight we had pasta and Salmon,maybe my planning isn't that good! So tomorrow its Red Meat!
Today I went to the second Aqua-8 meeting, everyone has come up with great ideas for our project so there is a lot to look forward too!  I impressed myself as I also went to the gym early this morning so I could fit everything in, wow!

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Hats and V & A

Just to prove I've not been completly idle here's a picture of my daughter modeling one of the many hats I've knitted for her over the last few weeks, I've not stopped knitting socks just had a short break! As you can see Rachel wasn't keen on modelling for me!

Yesterday I met up with 5 ERTF members for a visit to the V&A, next year we are having an exhibition using the work of Owen Jones, as inspiration. We spent the day looking at his work, during the afternoon we had a room to ourselves and were allowed to  view his designs close up and take photographs. It was amazing to be able to touch such wonderful work from 1840, I left feeling very inspired and my head was buzzing. I took lots of photographs, but can't show them here as they are for personal use only, but here's the group!

To end the trip three of us went to a tea shop in Kensington, they had lovely cream cakes, I managed to resist! I met Dave at St. James's and we travelled home together. As the train was pulling out of Fenchurch Street Station I noticed the sky and the light looked really good so I had my camera out of it's case. I think this is a good shot of Canary Wharf!

I was back at the gym this morning so far I'm managing to fit in these trips, I cant say I'm enjoying it but I'll keep going, all I need now is to get some willpower and eat less!